Grant funding applications and project delivery

Grant application and innovation delivery

We can help your funding application and your innovation project delivery.

We have experience of working with a number of funding sources including:

  • InnovateUK (Technology Strategy Board),
  • TSB SMART awards,
  • SBRI competitions,
  • Crowd funding
  • UFI, and
  • Local Enterprise Partnership grants.


Funding Assessment

We can work with you to assess the most appropriate funding options for your project.

Application writing

We can help you with the application process. More than just a great bid writing team, we bring technical and business experience from a team that have delivered grant funded innovation projects. We can support you with review, challenge and a set of templates and tools to speed up the process.


We provide the project management skills you need to deliver your innovation project and meet the grant reporting requirements. We can strengthen your team with marketing, IT, financial skills including taking non exec roles.